NVQ Level 7

Strategic Health & Safety Leadership & Management

Level up your career with an internationally recognised Level 7 NVQ.

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Cost Saving

Get assessed and qualified while working, saving you time and money.

Globally Recognised

This high level 7 NVQ is equivalent to a Master's Degree.

Fast & Efficient

This level 7 NVQ requires a certain amount of evidence which you may already have.

About this Level 7 NVQ


  • Provides senior management employees with skills and confidence to make business-effecting decisions.
  • Evaluates candidate’s competency based on real-world, on-the-job activities.
    • Can use previously created documentation as part of your portfolio.
  • You may already have the evidence for this degree ready, allowing you to complete the level qualification faster.

Who is the Level 7 NVQ for?

  • Taken by those in a senior management role.
  • By those who are involved in occupational health and safety strategic planning.
  • Learners will:
    • Build senior management skills
    • Improve transferable skills to leadership
    • Justify strategic planning
    • Create a strategy for health and safety
    • Plan and influence health and safety

What Level is this NVQ Assessment?

  • A Level 7 NVQ
  • Equivalent to a Master’s degree.
  • Parallel to a level 11 Scottish credit and qualifications framework (SCQF)

About the Course

  • Course Level: Level 7 – Equivalent to Master’s Degree
  • Study method: On-the-job
  • Evidence submission: Electronic / Online
  • Evidence assessment: Dedicated NVQ Assessor / External Verifier
  • NVQ Training Support: Yes – tutor supported

Strategic Health & Safety Leadership & Management NVQ

If you are looking for your next challenge or looking to increase your employment opportunities, take on our new Level 7 NVQ. 

While undertaking this qualification, your organisation’s internal systems will get a complete review which can be a great benefit to your company.

An assessment which you cannot fail. You are either deemed competent or not yet competent. In the case of the latter, you will be required to increase your real-world experience and grow your portfolio some more in order to be deemed competent for this level 7 NVQ.

Occasionally, you already have the required evidence of this assessment, in which you can very easily be granted this new NVQ.

Course Level 7 NVQ

On-the-job Studying

NVQ Training Support

Dedicated NVQ Assessor

Benefits of getting your NVQ Level 7 with us

Support & Guidance

Complete your NVQ in a timely manner with our professional support and guidance.

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Registered MCIOB member assessor that allows you to fast-track your chartered membership.

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Verbal and evidence-based assessments to help speed up the process and qualify you while you work.