Understanding the NVQ Process

Understanding the NVQ Assessment Process

The National Vocational Qualification (NVQ) assessment process is a thorough and in-depth evaluation of an individual’s skills, knowledge, and competency in their particular industry. In order to ensure that candidates are competent and capable of performing to a high quality in their field, this procedure combines on-the-job assessments with written evidence. 

What is the NVQ Assessment Process?

The NVQ evaluation process is designed to assess an individual’s abilities, knowledge, and ability in their specific field. The assessment is carried out through a combination of on-the-job assessments and written evidence.

Here are the Key Steps Involved in the NVQ Assessment Process:

  • Initial Assessment –  An initial assessment is the first phase in the NVQ assessment process. An assessor will meet with the candidate to talk about their knowledge, experience, and skills in their field. This evaluation assists the assessor in determining the qualification level that the candidate should be aiming for.
  • Portfolio Building – Once the level of qualification has been determined, the candidate will start building their portfolio. Written evidence of their competence is included in this portfolio, which may also include witness statements, job descriptions, and work records. The goal of the portfolio is to demonstrate the candidate’s proficiency in a variety of various tasks and activities.
  • On-The-Job Assessments – In addition to the written evidence, the assessor will also carry out on-the-job assessments. This involves seeing the candidate operate and evaluating how competent they are in practical settings. The goal of the on-the-job evaluations is to make sure that the applicant is capable of performing the duties and responsibilities unique to their industry.

Levels 1 and 2 normally take around 4 – 6 weeks. Levels 3 to 7 will take longer and often depend on the candidate’s commitment to providing the necessary evidence.

  • Feedback and Support – Throughout the NVQ assessment process, the assessor will provide feedback and support to the candidate. This can include identifying areas where the candidate needs to improve and giving guidance on how to improve their skills and knowledge.
  • Completion of NVQ – The candidate will receive the NVQ qualification after completing all essential assessments and providing the required supporting documentation. This certification shows that the applicant is skilled in their field and has the knowledge and abilities needed to perform their profession to a high standard.

NVQ Training & Assessment Delivered in the Workplace

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